Smart Reads of The Week: Building a Retirement Nest Egg This Easter

2021-04-02     thesmartinvestor
Smart Reads of The Week: Building a Retirement Nest Egg This Easter

Easter will soon be upon us.

As children are filling their Easter baskets with chocolate eggs this Sunday, as investors, we want to fill our retirement nest eggs with good, solid stocks that can ensure that our golden years are financially secure.

The term “nest egg” is said to be derived from the practice of farmers putting eggs into the nests of hens to induce them to lay more eggs.

Similarly, setting aside money and investing it well will enable you to grow your money into a much larger sum over time.

Building an income-generating portfolio will speed up that cycle even more.

By reinvesting your dividends, an investor can compound the value of his portfolio, perpetuating and enhancing the virtuous cycle.

While giving a hen an egg might prompt her to produce even more eggs, a farmer has to make sure that the eggs are good eggs. Likewise, an investor needs to make sure that the eggs (companies) in his retirement nest egg are good businesses.

And that’s what we’re here for.

Here is a list of our top articles for the week.

1. 3 Blue-Chip Stocks I Will Buy with My First Bonus

We provide some guidance for younger investors on which blue-chip companies to select when they receive their very first bonus.

2. 5 Tell-Tale Signs That a REIT Could Pay You for Life

If you’re looking for a steady, dependable REIT that can pay you dividends for life, there are five attributes to watch out for.

3. 5 Crisis-Resistant Stocks That Continued Paying Dividends

Despite going through two major crises, these five companies carried on paying out sweet dividends to their shareholders.

4. SPACs and New Booming Trends to Watch

We take a look at SPACs, the new listing vehicle, as well as other trends that are shaping the investment landscape.

5. Singapore Eases COVID-19 Rules: 3 Stocks That Could Benefit

The easing of COVID-19 measures has been music to everyone’s ears. Here are three companies that stand to benefit.

6. 3 Cloud Computing Stocks to Buy for New Investors

Investors who are new to the cloud computing industry may want to look at these three solid names.

7. CapitaLand’s Restructuring Could Provide Higher Returns for Shareholders

We take a closer look at the implications for CapitaLand Limited’s (SGX: C31) proposed restructuring and what it means for shareholders.

8. Jardine Strategic Will be Privatised. Is This Move Good or Bad for Investors?

With Jardine Strategic’s (SGX: J37) announcement that it will be acquired and privatised by Jardine Matheson (SGX: J36), are shareholders getting a raw deal?

9. Are Top Glove’s Share Buybacks a Sign That the Stock is Undervalued?

Top Glove Corporation Berhad (SGX: BVA) has been aggressively buying back its shares in recent months. Could this be a sign that its stock is undervalued?

10. 2020: Razer Scores 5 Big Wins in a Transformative Year

Home-grown gaming hardware company Razer (HKSE: 1337) has just announced a sparkling set of financials. Here are five highlights from its 2020 earnings report.

11. The Next Decade: Razer Makes 4 Big ESG Commitments for 2030

In addition to a strong set of numbers, Razer has also gone big on ESG. Here are four aspects of the company’s philosophy worth highlighting.

12. A Smart Guide to Investing: Growth Versus Income Investing

What’s the key difference between growth and income investing? We delve into each to explain these two styles may fit an investor’s goals and philosophy.

13. Breaking Down The CPF Investment Scheme: Part 2

We continue on our CPF Investment journey to highlight the various investment options available.

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