Dividend Yield(TTM) = 2.60%

If you find any of the dividend record is wrong or duplicated, please contact me.

Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Pay Date Particulars
20222.60%SGD 0.056 SGD0.0003 2022-08-04 2022-09-09 Rate: SGD 0.0003 Per Security
SGD0.007 2022-08-04 2022-09-09 Rate: SGD 0.007 Per Security
SGD0.0449 2022-08-04 2022-09-09 Rate: SGD 0.0449 Per Security
SGD0.001 2022-02-08 2022-03-15 Rate: SGD 0.001 Per Security
SGD0.0027 2022-02-08 2022-03-15 Rate: SGD 0.0027 Per Security
20215.47%SGD 0.118 SGD0.0459 2021-12-14 2022-01-28 Rate: SGD 0.0459 Per Security
SGD0.0026 2021-12-14 2022-01-28 Rate: SGD 0.0026 Per Security
SGD0.0511 2021-08-04 2021-09-09 Rate: SGD 0.0511 Per Security
SGD0.0007 2021-08-04 2021-09-09 Rate: SGD 0.0007 Per Security
SGD0.0174 2021-01-28 2021-03-09 Rate: SGD 0.0174 Per Security
20202.84%SGD 0.061 SGD0.0089 2020-10-19 2020-11-19 Rate: SGD 0.0089 Per Security
SGD0.031 2020-10-19 2020-11-19 Rate: SGD 0.031 Per Security
SGD0.0211 2020-07-29 2020-08-28 Rate: SGD 0.0211 Per Security


ListedDate: 17 July 2002 on SGX Mainboard

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Address: 168 Robinson Road , #30-01 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912

CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (CICT) is the first and largest real estate investment trust (REIT) listed on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) with a market capitalisation of S$13.5 billion as at 31 December 2021. It made its debut on SGX-ST as CapitaLand Mall Trust (CMT) in July 2002 and was renamed CICT in November 2020 following the merger with CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT). CICT owns and invests in quality income-producing assets primarily used for commercial (including retail and/ or office) purpose, located predominantly in Singapore. As the largest proxy for Singapore commercial real estate, CICT's portfolio comprises 21 properties in Singapore and two in Frankfurt, Germany, with a total property value of S$22.5 billion as at 31 December 2021. CICT is managed by CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of CapitaLand Investment Limited (CLI), a leading global real estate investment manager with a strong Asia foothold.

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