Dividend Yield(TTM) = 2.97%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20192.97%USD 1.72 USD0.44 2019-08-22 Rate: USD 0.44 Per Security
USD1.28 2019-03-14 Rate: USD 1.28 Per Security
20182.80%USD 1.62 USD0.42 2018-08-15 SCRIP ALT USD 0.42
USD1.2 2018-03-21 SCRIP ALT USD 1.2
20172.63%USD 1.52 USD0.4 2017-08-23 SCRIP ALT USD 0.4
USD1.12 2017-03-15 SCRIP ALT USD 1.12
20162.51%USD 1.45 USD0.38 2016-08-17 SCRIP ALT USD 0.38
USD1.07 2016-03-16 SCRIP ALT USD 1.07
20152.51%USD 1.45 USD0.38 2015-08-19 SCRIP ALT USD 0.38
USD1.07 2015-03-18 SCRIP ALT USD 1.07
20142.44%USD 1.41 USD0.38 2014-08-20 SCRIP ALT USD 0.38
USD1.03 2014-03-19 SCRIP ALT USD 1.03
20132.37%USD 1.37 USD0.37 2013-08-21 SCRIP ALT USD 0.37
USD1 2013-03-20 SCRIP ALT USD 1
20122.20%USD 1.27 USD0.35 2012-08-15 SCRIP OPTION USD 0.35
USD0.92 2012-03-14 SCRIP ALT USD 0.92
20112.04%USD 1.18 USD0.33 2011-08-17 SCRIP ALT USD 0.33
USD0.85 2011-03-16 SCRIP ALT USD 0.85
20101.64%USD 0.95 USD0.3 2010-08-18 SCRIP ALT USD 0.3
USD0.65 2010-03-17 SCRIP ALT USD 0.65
20091.31%USD 0.76 USD0.25 2009-08-26 SCRIP ALT USD 0.25
USD0.51 2009-03-18 SCRIP ALT USD 0.51
20081.19%USD 0.69 USD0.24 2008-08-20 SCRIP ALT USD 0.24
USD0.45 2008-03-18 SCRIP ALT USD 0.45
20071.04%USD 0.6 USD0.2 2007-08-29 SCRIP ALT USD 0.2
USD0.4 2007-03-21 SCRIP ALT USD 0.4
20060.79%USD 0.457 USD0.1 2006-09-27 SCRIP ALT USD 0.1
USD0.3565 2006-04-19 SCRIP ALT USD 0.3565
20050.71%USD 0.409 USD0.0935 2005-08-17 SCRIP ALT USD 0.0935
USD0.315 2005-03-16 SCRIP DIV OPT USD 0.315
20040.58%USD 0.337 USD0.085 2004-08-25 SCRIP ALT USD 0.085
USD0.252 2004-03-10 SCRIP ALT USD 0.252
20030.52%USD 0.3 USD0.078 2003-08-20 SCRIP ALT USD 0.078
USD0.222 2003-03-12 SCRIP ALT USD 0.222
20020.46%USD 0.265 USD0.078 2002-08-21 SCRIP ALT USD 0.078
USD0.187 2002-03-13 SCRIP ALT USD 0.187
20010.46%USD 0.265 USD0.078 2001-08-22 SCRIP ALT USD 0.078
USD0.187 2001-03-21 SCRIP ALT USD 0.187

The share price is in USD. The dividends are paid in USD

Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited operates in the engineering and construction, transportation, insurance broking, property investment and development, retailing, restaurants, luxury hotels, motor vehicles, financial services, heavy equipment, mining, and agribusiness primarily in Asia. It provides construction services; airport services, including ground handling, ground equipment maintenance, and servicing operations; engineering services in electrical, mechanical, and building technologies; port agency, liner agency, and other shipping-related services; and travel management services. The company is also involved in the operation of air cargo terminals; IT products distribution and servicing; residential property investments; operation of Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants, and provision of pizza delivery services; sale and servicing of motor vehicles; and insurance and reinsurance brokerage, risk management, and employee benefit solutions. In addition, it is engaged in the investment, management, and development of commercial and residential properties; operation of a network of approximately 5,700 outlets, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, health and beauty stores, convenience stores, home furnishing stores, and restaurants; and investment and management of a portfolio of 44 deluxe and first class hotels and resorts. Further, the company is involved in the manufacture, assembly, and distribution of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and components; consumer financing primarily for motor vehicles and motorcycles; insurance and banking activities; and heavy equipment sales, coal mining, oil palm plantations, infrastructure, logistics, and information technology businesses, as well as designs, engineers, installs, maintains, and modernizes lifts, escalators, and moving walkways. Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited was founded in 1832 and is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited operates as a subsidiary of Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited.

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