Dividend Yield(TTM) = 46.43%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
201946.43%THB 0.39 THB0.15 2019-05-22 Rate: THB 0.15 Per Security
THB0.24 2019-02-07 THB 0.24 LESS TAX
201873.81%THB 0.62 THB0.15 2018-05-25 THB 0.15 LESS TAX
THB0.47 2018-02-08 THB 0.47 LESS TAX
201771.43%THB 0.6 THB0.2 2017-05-23 THB 0.2 LESS TAX
THB0.4 2017-02-02 THB 0.4 LESS TAX
201678.57%THB 0.66 THB0.2 2016-08-23 THB 0.2 LESS TAX
THB0.46 2016-05-05 THB 0.46 LESS TAX
201572.62%THB 0.61 THB0.15 2015-08-25 THB 0.15 LESS TAX
THB0.46 2015-04-24 THB 0.46 LESS TAX
201453.57%THB 0.45 THB0.15 2014-08-25 THB 0.15 LESS TAX
THB0.3 2014-04-28 THB 0.3 LESS TAX
201350.00%THB 0.42 THB0.14 2013-08-23 THB 0.14 LESS TAX
THB0.28 2013-04-29 THB 0.28 LESS TAX
201242.86%THB 0.36 THB0.14 2012-08-23 THB 0.14 LESS TAX
THB0.22 2012-04-30 THB 0.22 LESS TAX
201141.67%THB 0.35 THB0.15 2011-08-24 THB 0.15 LESS TAX
THB0.2 2011-05-05 THB 0.2 LESS TAX
201039.29%THB 0.33 THB0.15 2010-08-23 THB 0.15 LESS TAX
THB0.18 2010-05-04 THB 0.18 LESS TAX
200939.29%THB 0.33 THB0.15 2009-08-27 THB 0.15 LESS TAX
THB0.18 2009-05-04 THB 0.18 LESS TAX
200834.52%THB 0.29 THB0.12 2008-08-27 THB 0.12 LESS TAX
THB0.17 2008-05-05 THB 0.17 LESS TAX
200727.38%THB 0.23 THB0.12 2007-08-27 THB 0.12 LESS TAX
THB0.11 2007-04-24 THAILAND TAX THB 0.11 LESS TAX
200613.10%THB 0.11 THB0.11 2006-08-24 THB 0.11 LESS TAX
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, produces and distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Thailand and internationally. The company operates through four segments: Spirits, Beer, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, and Food. It offers beer; spirits, including brown spirits, white spirits, brandy, Chinese herb spirits, and others; gin, vodka, and whisky; and non-alcoholic beverages comprising drinking water, soda water, electrolyte beverages, energy drinks, green tea, ready-to-drink coffee, and fruit flavored drinks. The company also provides chilled frozen foods and snacks; and light construction bricks, fertilizers, animal feed and supplementary animal feed, etc. In addition, it operates Japanese restaurants and bakery shops; trades biogas, molasses, supplies and procurement products, and bottles; produces oak barrels and concentrate materials; and distributes foods and beverages. Further, the company offers transportation and distribution, environmental public relation, consultancy, advertising and marketing services, human resources development, and training services. Thai Beverage Public Company Limited was incorporated in 2003 and is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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