TPV TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (T18) SGD 0.66   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20190.56%USD 0.003 USD0.0028 2019-05-21 Rate: USD 0.0028 Per Security
20180.26%USD 0.001 USD0.00128 2018-05-21 USD 0.00128
20170.98%USD 0.005 USD0.0049 2017-05-22 USD 0.0049
20160.26%USD 0.001 USD0.00128 2016-05-23 USD 0.00128
20150.26%USD 0.001 USD0.00128 2015-05-25 USD 0.00128
20140.26%USD 0.001 USD0.00128 2014-05-26 USD 0.00128
20131.95%USD 0.01 USD0.0097 2013-05-27 USD 0.0097
20122.75%USD 0.014 USD0.0046 2012-10-01 USD 0.0046
USD0.0091 2012-05-28 USD 0.0091
20114.08%USD 0.02 USD0.0063 2011-10-04 USD 0.0063
USD0.014 2011-05-13 USD 0.014
20104.06%USD 0.02 USD0.0076 2010-10-01 USD 0.0076
USD0.0126 2010-05-21 USD 0.0126
20092.21%USD 0.011 USD0.006 2009-10-08 USD 0.006
USD0.005 2009-05-15 USD 0.005
20085.83%USD 0.029 USD0.0088 2008-10-10 USD 0.0088
USD0.0202 2008-04-29 USD 0.0202
20074.98%USD 0.025 USD0.008 2007-10-05 USD 0.008
USD0.0168 2007-05-11 USD 0.0168
20065.62%USD 0.028 USD0.008 2006-10-06 USD 0.008
USD0.02 2006-05-09 USD 0.02
20051.45%USD 0.007 USD0.0072 2005-09-19 USD 0.0072

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in USD

TPV Technology Limited, an investment holding company, designs, produces, and distributes computer monitors and flat LCD televisions on original design manufacturing basis worldwide. It operates in four segments: Monitors, TVs, TP Vision—TVs, and Others. The company also distributes its products under its own AOC and Envision brands; and provides research and development, and after sales services. In addition, it produces and sells all-in-one PC products and LCM modules; and holds exclusive licenses to sell Philips’ monitors globally and TVs in China. Further, the company sells chassis and spare parts. It has a 70% owned joint venture with Philips, TP Vision, which designs, manufactures, distributes, markets, and sells Philips’ televisions worldwide, with the exception of China, India, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and certain countries in South America. TPV Technology Limited was formerly known as TPV Holdings Limited and changed its name to TPV Technology Limited in June, 2000. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. TPV Technology Limited is considered a Red Chip company due to its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. TPV Technology Limited is a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation.

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