Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Pay Date Particulars
20220.00%SGD 0 - 2022-12-23 - Ratio: 2:5
20190.00%SGD 0 - 2019-07-05 - Ratio: 1:4
201739.06%SGD 0.013 SGD0.005 2017-04-28 2017-05-23 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.0075 2017-04-28 2017-05-23 SGD 0.0075 ONE-TIER TAX
201615.63%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2016-08-17 2016-08-26 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
- 2016-06-20 - 1WT FOR 4SHARES OFFER OF 1 FOR 4 @ SGD 0.05
201562.50%SGD 0.02 SGD0.005 2015-08-13 2015-08-24 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.005 2015-05-04 2015-05-15 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.01 2015-05-04 2015-05-15 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201446.88%SGD 0.015 SGD0.005 2014-08-13 2014-08-22 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.005 2014-05-05 2014-05-27 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.005 2014-05-05 2014-05-27 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
201315.63%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2013-08-12 2013-08-21 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX


ListedDate: 27 May 2013 on SGX Mainboard

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Address: 23 Defu South Street 1 , Singapore 533847,

Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd is a general construction company with over 36 years of experience during which the Group has handled a wide range of projects, from residential buildings to conservation houses, schools, churches, industrial buildings and business parks. Projects in which the Company’s subsidiary, Soil-Build (Pte.) Ltd. (“Soil-Build”), acted as the main contractor, have won several architectural and environmental awards over the years. Soil-Build is graded A1 by BCA. This allows the Group to tender for public sector projects in Singapore of unlimited contract value. The Group’s track record in public sector projects also puts them in good stead as the Group competes in future tenders by HDB and other public agencies. The Group is exploring the expansion of their business into other parts of Asia where their services can be replicated and the risks of such expansion contained. Since 2013, the Group has secured contracts in Myanmar to provide professional consultancy and project management services and project management consultancy services and intend to further strengthen their presence in Myanmar.

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