CORDLIFE GROUP LIMITED (P8A) SGD 0.37   -2.70% -0.01

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 2.70%

If you find any of the dividend record is wrong or duplicated, please contact me.

Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20202.70%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2020-06-17 Rate: SGD 0.01 Per Security
20191.08%SGD 0.004 SGD0.004 2019-04-30 Rate: SGD 0.004 Per Security
20182.16%SGD 0.008 SGD0.008 2018-08-24 SGD 0.008 ONE-TIER TAX
20171.35%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2017-10-31 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
201540.54%SGD 0.15 SGD0.13 2015-11-19 SGD 0.13 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.01 2015-10-21 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.01 2015-03-12 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
20145.41%SGD 0.02 SGD0.01 2014-10-21 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.01 2014-03-10 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
20135.41%SGD 0.02 SGD0.01 2013-10-24 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.01 2013-03-11 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201210.27%SGD 0.038 SGD0.018 2012-10-24 SGD 0.018 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.002 2012-05-24 SGD 0.002 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.018 2012-05-24 SGD 0.018 ONE-TIER TAX

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Cordlife Group Limited, an investment holding company, provides umbilical cord blood and cord lining banking services in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and internationally. The company’s cord blood banking services involve the processing and storage of stem cells. It also offers newborn screening services for metabolic disorders. The company was formerly known as Cordlife Pte Ltd and changed its name to Cordlife Group Limited in 2011. Cordlife Group Limited was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Singapore.

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