POH TIONG CHOON LOGISTICS LTD (P01) SGD 1.29   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20171.55%SGD 0.02 SGD0.02 2017-05-09 SGD 0.02 ONE-TIER TAX
20162.33%SGD 0.03 SGD0.0075 2016-09-13 SGD 0.0075 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.0225 2016-05-10 SGD 0.0225 ONE-TIER TAX
20151.94%SGD 0.025 SGD0.0075 2015-09-14 SGD 0.0075 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.0175 2015-05-12 SGD 0.0175 ONE-TIER TAX
20141.94%SGD 0.025 SGD0.005 2014-09-12 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.02 2014-05-09 SGD 0.02 ONE-TIER TAX
20131.74%SGD 0.023 SGD0.005 2013-09-12 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.0175 2013-05-07 SGD 0.0175 ONE-TIER TAX
20121.55%SGD 0.02 SGD0.005 2012-09-12 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.015 2012-05-08 SGD 0.015 ONE-TIER TAX
20111.94%SGD 0.025 SGD0.005 2011-09-14 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.02 2011-05-10 SGD 0.02 ONE-TIER TAX
20102.13%SGD 0.028 SGD0.0075 2010-09-14 SGD 0.0075 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.02 2010-05-10 SGD 0.02 ONE-TIER TAX
20092.36%SGD 0.031 SGD0.015 2009-09-15 SGD 0.015 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.0155 2009-05-08 SGD 0.0155 ONE-TIER TAX
20081.55%SGD 0.02 SGD0.0075 2008-09-15 SGD 0.0075 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.0125 2008-05-08 SGD 0.0125 ONE-TIER TAX
20071.94%SGD 0.025 SGD0.0125 2007-09-13 SGD 0.0125 LESS TAX
SGD0.0025 2007-09-13 SGD 0.0025 LESS TAX
SGD0.01 2007-05-08 SGD 0.01 LESS TAX
20061.16%SGD 0.015 SGD0.0025 2006-09-14 SGD 0.0025 LESS TAX
SGD0.0075 2006-05-08 SGD 0.0075 LESS TAX
SGD0.005 2006-05-08 SGD 0.005 LESS TAX
20050.39%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2005-09-13 SGD 0.005 LESS TAX

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Limited, together with its subsidiaries, provides logistics services in Singapore. It offers transportation services for high value, sensitive, and chemical cargoes in conventional, container, bulk, bulk liquid container, and heavy haulage forms through a fleet of refrigerated trucks, tipper trucks, cement tankers, and lorries; and bulk cargo handling and stevedoring services, including loading onto and discharging from vessels various types of cargoes, such as sugar, bulk cement, silica sand, salt, fertilizer, and chemical raw materials. The company is also engaged in the provision of warehousing, drumming, and related services consisting of drum filling of chemical products, open and covered warehouse storage, cold room storage, inventory management, and local and international freight management, as well as the storage and distribution of loaded containers; distribution of liquefied petroleum gas to households, as well as trade of diesel; and rental of industrial property. In addition, it is involved in leasing investment properties, as well as equipment rental and general contracting activities; and providing terminal management services. The company, formerly known as Poh Tiong Choon Contractors(Pte) Ltd, was founded in 1950 and is based in Singapore.

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