Dividend Yield(TTM) = 5.03%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Pay Date Particulars
20242.51%MYR 0.07 MYR0.07 2024-06-13 2024-06-28 Rate: MYR 0.07 Per Security
20235.03%MYR 0.14 MYR0.07 2023-09-13 2023-09-29 Rate: MYR 0.07 Per Security
MYR0.07 2023-06-13 2023-06-27 Rate: MYR 0.07 Per Security
20222.51%MYR 0.07 MYR0.07 2022-06-10 2022-06-30 Rate: MYR 0.07 Per Security
20210.36%MYR 0.01 MYR0.01 2021-07-02 2021-07-23 Rate: MYR 0.01 Per Security
20200.72%MYR 0.02 MYR0.02 2020-09-16 2020-09-30 Rate: MYR 0.02 Per Security
20190.72%MYR 0.02 MYR0.02 2019-06-12 2019-06-28 Rate: MYR 0.02 Per Security


ListedDate: 27 January 2011 on MAINBOARD

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in MYR

Address: Lot 6, 8 and 9, Jalan Perigi Nanas 6/1 , Pulau Indah Industrial Park, West Port, Port Klang

The Company is a public limited liability company, incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia and is listed on the Main Market (formerly known as Main Board) of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. The principal activities of the Company are investment holding and the smelting of tin concentrates and tin bearing materials, the production of various grades of refined tin metal under the MSC brand name and the sales and delivery of refined tin metal and by-products. The Group operates its smelting facilities in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia and Bangka Island, Indonesia and engaged in alluvial tin mining operations and mining activities in Bangka Island and Riau Islands, Indonesia. The Group operates its main smelting and processing facility in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia with an annual designed smelting capacity of approximately 35,000 tonnes. Its smelting facility in Malaysia processes tin concentrates and crude tin metal obtained from third-party suppliers. The Group also engages in open-pit mining of tin through its wholly-owned Malaysian subsidiary, Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn Bhd ("RHT"), which operates an open-pit tin mine in Klian Intan, Hulu Perak, Malaysia, into refined tin metal products. The Group’s Indonesian operations are primarily undertaken through its subsidiaries, namely (a) 75.0 percent owned PT Koba Tin, (b) 99.98 percent owned PT MSC Indonesia ("PT MSC-I") (which is a party to various co-operation agreements with third parties to undertake mining activities) and (c) 99.0 percent owned PT SRM-I, which provides management services for the Group in relation to the Group’s exploratory programmes to search for new onshore and offshore tin deposits in Indonesia. In addition, PT Koba Tin operates an onshore dredge and gravel-pump mining units and has its own smelter with an annual designed smelting capacity of approximately 25,000 tonnes. PT Koba Tin processes mainly tin concentrates obtained from its own mining operations as well as from sub-contractors who undertake mining operations on the Group behalf. The Group produce “MSC Straits” and “Koba” branded refined tin which are registered and traded on the Kuala Lumpur Tin Market (“KLTM”) and the London Metal Exchange (“LME”) and marketed to end-users in the tin industry.

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