MEGHMANI ORGANICS LIMITED (M30) SGD 1.1   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20200.83%INR 0.5 INR0.5 2020-03-13 Rate: INR 0.5 Per Security
20190.83%INR 0.5 INR0.2 2019-07-30 Rate: INR 0.2 Per Security
INR0.3 2019-03-19 Rate: INR 0.3 Per Security
20180.33%INR 0.2 INR0.2 2018-07-18 INR 0.2
20170.33%INR 0.2 INR0.2 2017-07-18 INR 0.2
20160.25%INR 0.15 INR0.15 2016-03-16 INR 0.15
20150.33%INR 0.2 INR0.2 2015-02-13 INR 0.2
20140.08%INR 0.05 INR0.05 2014-07-16 INR 0.05
20130.08%INR 0.05 INR0.05 2013-07-17 INR 0.05
20120.08%INR 0.05 INR0.05 2012-07-18 INR 0.05
20110.33%INR 0.2 INR0.2 2011-07-14 INR 0.2
20100.33%INR 0.2 INR0.2 2010-07-14 INR 0.2
20090.27%INR 0.165 INR0.165 2009-07-15 INR 0.165
20080.25%INR 0.15 INR0.15 2008-08-01 INR 0.15
20070.30%INR 0.18 INR0.18 2007-06-22 RUPEES INR 0.18
20060.29%INR 0.175 INR0.175 2006-08-07 INR 0.175
20050.00%INR 0 - 2005-08-08 RUPEES 0.15

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in INR

Meghmani Organics Limited engages in manufacturing, selling, and distributing pigments, pesticides, and basic chemicals products. The company operates in three divisions: Pigments, Agrochemicals, and Basic Chemicals. The Pigments division offers phthalocynine green 7, copper phthalocynine blue, alpha blue, and beta blue pigments that are used in various applications, including printing inks, paints, textiles, leather, papers, and rubbers. The Agrochemicals division engages in the manufacture and distribution of technical, intermediates, and formulations of insecticides, which are used in crop protection, public health, termite and insect control, food grain storage, and veterinary applications. The Basic Chemicals division manufactures caustic chlorine for use by the agriculture sector, industry, and directly by the consumers. It also engages in trading activity. Meghmani Organics Limited offers its products to customers through direct sales teams and distributors/agents in the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Central and Latin America, South Africa, and Brazil. The company was formerly known as Gujarat Industries. Meghmani Organics Limited was founded in 1986 and is based in Ahmedabad, India.

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