SINOPEC PETROCHEMICAL ADR 10 (K3DD) USD 22.36   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 6.58%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20215.93%USD 1.325 USD1.32541 2021-06-18 Rate: USD 1.32541 Per Security
20206.58%USD 1.471 USD1.470897 2020-06-19 Rate: USD 1.470897 Per Security
201914.41%USD 3.221 USD3.221051 2019-06-21 Rate: USD 3.221051 Per Security
201818.60%USD 4.158 USD4.158286 2018-06-14 USD 4.158286
201714.57%USD 3.257 USD3.256959 2017-06-15 USD 3.256959
20165.90%USD 1.319 USD1.319421 2016-06-23 USD 1.319421
20143.18%USD 0.711 USD0.711433 2014-06-26 FINAL USD 0.711433
20131.99%USD 0.446 - 2013-10-22 DIST 50 FOR 100 OFFER OF 50 FOR 100
USD0.445508 2013-10-22 USD 0.445508
20123.11%USD 0.695 USD0.694727 2012-06-29 USD 0.694727
20116.13%USD 1.37 USD1.37046 2011-06-29 USD 1.37046

The share price is in USD. The dividends are paid in USD

Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, operates as a refining-chemical integrated petrochemical company primarily in the People’s Republic of China. It operates in five segments: Synthetic Fibres, Resins and Plastics, Intermediate Petrochemicals, Petroleum Products, and Trading of Petrochemical Products. The Synthetic Fibres segment produces polyester and acrylic fibers primarily for the textile and apparel industries. The Resins and Plastics segment offers polyester chips, which are used in processing polyester fibers, coating, and containers; low-density polyethylene resins and films that are used in insulated cables, mulching films, and molded products, such as housewares and toys; polypropylene resins, which are used in films, sheets, and molded products, such as housewares, toys, consumer electronics, and automobile parts; and PVA granules. The Intermediate Petrochemicals segment provides p-xylene, benzene, and butadiene that are used in the production of other petrochemicals, resins, plastics, and synthetic fibers. The Petroleum Products segment operates crude oil distillation facilities to produce vacuum and atmospheric gas oils that are used as feed stocks, as well as produces residual oil and low octane gasoline fuels. This segment also offers various transportation, industrial, and household heating fuels, including diesel oils, jet fuels, heavy oils, and liquefied petroleum gases. The Trading of Petrochemical Products segment is engaged in the import and export of petrochemical products. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in Shanghai, the People's Republic of China. Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited is a subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation.

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