Dividend Yield(TTM) = 7.16%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20197.16%HKD 0.136 HKD0.078 2019-10-31 Rate: HKD 0.078 Per Security
HKD0.058 2019-03-05 Rate: HKD 0.058 Per Security
20189.80%HKD 0.186 HKD0.118 2018-10-30 HKD 0.118 ONE-TIER TAX
HKD0.068 2018-03-01 HKD 0.068
20179.27%HKD 0.176 HKD0.098 2017-10-24 HKD 0.098
HKD0.078 2017-03-02 HKD 0.078
20168.85%HKD 0.168 HKD0.118 2016-10-28 HKD 0.118 ONE-TIER TAX
HKD0.05 2016-03-03 HKD 0.05
20159.27%HKD 0.176 HKD0.09 2015-11-09 HKD 0.09
HKD0.086 2015-02-26 HKD 0.086
20146.85%HKD 0.13 HKD0.078 2014-10-23 HKD 0.078
HKD0.052 2014-02-21 HKD 0.052
20138.69%HKD 0.165 HKD0.093 2013-11-07 HKD 0.093
HKD0.072 2013-03-05 HKD 0.072
20127.43%HKD 0.141 HKD0.071 2012-10-29 HKD 0.071
HKD0.035 2012-02-23 HKD 0.035
HKD0.035 2012-02-23 HKD 0.035
20116.32%HKD 0.12 HKD0.07 2011-10-27 HKD 0.07
HKD0.05 2011-03-01 HKD 0.05
20104.32%HKD 0.082 HKD0.05 2010-10-28 HKD 0.05
HKD0.032 2010-03-03 HKD 0.032
20095.58%HKD 0.106 HKD0.027 2009-10-22 HKD 0.027
HKD0.027 2009-10-22 HKD 0.027
HKD0.052 2009-03-02 HKD 0.052
20086.95%HKD 0.132 HKD0.081 2008-10-24 HKD 0.081
HKD0.051 2008-03-19 HKD 0.051
20074.79%HKD 0.091 HKD0.048 2007-10-23 HKD 0.048
HKD0.038 2007-03-15 HKD 0.038
HKD0.005 2007-03-15 HKD 0.005
20063.69%HKD 0.07 HKD0.037 2006-10-20 HKD 0.037
HKD0.033 2006-04-12 HKD 0.033
20053.16%HKD 0.06 HKD0.036 2005-10-17 HKD 0.036
HKD0.024 2005-10-17 HKD 0.024

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in HKD

Karin Technology Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, provides electronic components, information technology infrastructure solutions and services, and consumer electronics products primarily in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The company’s Electronic Components segment distributes Bluetooths, connectors, integrated circuits, LCD units, MEMs, quartz crystals, and semi-conductors; and industrial materials, including batteries, connectors, power semi-conductors, power supplies, process automation products, and special application cables; and provides integrated circuit software application design solutions to electronics manufacturers. Its Information Technology Infrastructure segment offers computer data storage management solutions and services. The company’s Consumer Electronics Products segment engages in distribution and retailing of consumer electronics products. Karin Technology Holdings Limited also distributes computer hardware and software products, such as enterprise server and storage solutions, information management solutions, IP/Ethernet networking products, and network security solutions and services; and application infrastructure and information management software. In addition, the company provides networking, personal security, service provider caching, SSL VPN, service provider caching, storage and tape, traffic management, WAN optimization, Web security, security connected framework, portable, consumer audio, and desktop products; and accessories, application software, audio and video appliances, commercial inkjet and laser printers, computer peripherals, LED monitors, entry business solutions, home appliances, LCD monitors, middleware and applications, office printers, copiers, managed printing services, servers, and solid-state storage products. Further, it operates five retail stores under the In-Smart name, as well as holds properties. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

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