INTRACO LIMITED (I06) SGD 0.25   +12.00% +0.03

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20111.20%SGD 0.003 SGD0.003 2011-04-28 SGD 0.003 ONE-TIER TAX
20104.00%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2010-04-27 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
200716.24%SGD 0.041 SGD0.0203 2007-12-07 SGD 0.0203 NET OF TAX
SGD0.0203 2007-04-26 SGD 0.0203 NET OF TAX
20020.00%SGD 0 - 2002-06-27 CASHD $0.50/SH
200144.00%SGD 0.11 SGD0.11 2001-11-09 SGD 0.11 NET OF TAX
SGD0.04 2001-06-06 4% LESS TAX
20000.00%SGD 0 SGD0.07 2000-06-12 7% LESS TAX
19990.00%SGD 0 SGD0.01 1999-06-09 1% LESS TAX
19980.00%SGD 0 SGD0.03 1998-06-15 3% LESS TAX
19970.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 1997-06-09 5% LESS TAX
19960.00%SGD 0 SGD0.08 1996-06-07 (SGD) 8 CENTS LESS TAX
19950.00%SGD 0 SGD0.08 1995-05-12 8 CENTS LESS TAX
19940.00%SGD 0 SGD0.08 1994-05-10 8 CENTS LESS TAX
19930.00%SGD 0 - 1993-11-01 OFFER OF 1 FOR 4
SGD0.04 1993-05-10 4 CENTS LESS TAX
19920.00%SGD 0 SGD0.04 1992-05-11 4

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Intraco Limited, together with its subsidiaries, operates as a trading company in Singapore and rest of ASEAN, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, the United States, and other countries. The company operates through two segments, Projects, and Trading and Others. The Projects segment trades in conventional lighting products and provides energy-savings solutions. The Trading and Others segment is involved in the import, export, and wholesale of industrial materials, which include metals and minerals, plastics, petrochemicals, and rubbers; and energy commodities, as well as processes and trades in agricultural and food products comprising frozen seafood and fertilizers. This segment also offers telecommunications infrastructure; radio coverage system management and operation services; and mobile services, as well as supplies communications equipment to other service providers. In addition, this segment is engaged in commission agency business. The company was incorporated in 1968 and is based in Singapore.

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