CASA HOLDINGS LIMITED (C04) SGD 0.043   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
201523.26%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2015-02-04 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201423.26%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2014-03-05 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201323.26%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2013-02-07 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201223.26%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2012-02-13 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201123.26%SGD 0.01 SGD0.01 2011-02-02 SGD 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
201011.63%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2010-02-09 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
200911.63%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2009-01-30 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
20020.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 2002-03-12 5% LESS TAX
20010.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 2001-04-16 5% LESS TAX
20000.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 2000-04-14 5% LESS TAX
19990.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 1999-04-09 5% LESS TAX
19980.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 1998-04-09 5% LESS TAX
19970.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 1997-04-10 5% LESS TAX
19960.00%SGD 0 SGD0.05 1996-04-10 5% LESS TAX

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Casa Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, distributes electrical and electronic home appliances in Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and European countries. The company operates in three segments: Trading, Manufacturing, and Property Development. It offers home and cooking appliances, such as hobs, cooker hoods, ovens, microwave ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, and coolers; kitchen and bathroom fixtures, including kitchen sinks, faucets, mirror cabinets, showers, bathroom accessories, bath tubs, and shower trays; and water heaters. The company is also involved in the design, assembly, installation, and provision of after sales maintenance services for commercial air-conditioning and other mechanical ventilating systems. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Singapore. Casa Holdings Limited is a subsidiary of Azzuri Holdings Pte Ltd.

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