Dividend Yield(TTM) = 5.64%

If you find any of the dividend record is wrong or duplicated, please contact me.

Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Particulars
20205.64%HKD 0.19 HKD0.05 2020-11-20 Rate: HKD 0.05 Per Security
HKD0.14 2020-08-24 Rate: HKD 0.14 Per Security
20197.71%HKD 0.26 HKD0.06 2019-11-22 Rate: HKD 0.06 Per Security
HKD0.15 2019-07-30 Rate: HKD 0.15 Per Security
HKD0.05 2019-07-30 Rate: HKD 0.05 Per Security
20187.42%HKD 0.25 HKD0.05 2018-11-21 HKD 0.05
HKD0.15 2018-07-27 HKD 0.15
HKD0.05 2018-07-27 HKD 0.05
20178.01%HKD 0.27 HKD0.07 2017-11-21 HKD 0.07
HKD0.15 2017-07-27 HKD 0.15
HKD0.05 2017-07-27 HKD 0.05
- 2017-05-25 OFFER OF 1 FOR 10
20165.93%HKD 0.2 HKD0.07 2016-07-28 HKD 0.07
HKD0.13 2016-07-28 HKD 0.13
20155.93%HKD 0.2 HKD0.16 2015-07-30 HKD 0.16
HKD0.04 2015-07-30 HKD 0.04
20145.93%HKD 0.2 HKD0.16 2014-07-29 HKD 0.16
HKD0.04 2014-07-29 HKD 0.04
20132.37%HKD 0.08 HKD0.08 2013-08-01 HKD 0.08
20125.04%HKD 0.17 HKD0.01 2012-07-23 HKD 0.01
HKD0.16 2012-07-23 HKD 0.16
20114.15%HKD 0.14 HKD0.14 2011-07-22 HKD 0.14
20102.08%HKD 0.07 HKD0.07 2010-07-29 HKD 0.07
20091.34%HKD 0.045 HKD0.045 2009-07-28 HKD 0.045
20082.31%HKD 0.078 HKD0.078 2008-08-04 HKD 0.078
20071.87%HKD 0.063 HKD0.063 2007-08-02 HKD 0.063

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in HKD

Valuetronics Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, provides integrated electronics manufacturing services. The company operates through the Consumer Electronics, and Industrial and Commercial Electronics segments. It provides design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain support services for electronic and electro-mechanical products, as well as specializes in PCBA assembly, box-build assembly, and original design manufacturing services. The company’s design and development engineering services include mechanical design; plastic tool design; electronics, RF, and software designs; regulatory compliance engineering and testing; and product test development. Its manufacturing services comprise plastic tool fabrication and injection molding; metal stamping and machining; printed circuit board assemblies, including complex multi layer boards; sub-assemblies and full product assemblies; reliability engineering and testing; quality systems; materials procurement; and on-site program management. The company’s supply chain support services include shipment of products to final destinations; product customization and drop shipment; warranty and non-warranty repairs; spare parts inventory and shipment; and direct fulfillment programs. It is also involved in property investment and trading businesses, as well as provides business services. The company serves multinational and mid-size companies in the telecommunications and wireless products and systems, as well as industrial, commercial, proprietary, and consumer electronics fields in North America, Europe, and the Asia pacific regions. Valuetronics Holdings Limited was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Shatin, Hong Kong.

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