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2015 2015-08-27 SHARE CONSOL OFFER OF 1 FOR 10


ListedDate: 6 October 2004 on SGX Mainboard

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Address: 5 Kallang Sector #03-02 , Singapore 349279,

The Company was incorporated in Singapore on 29 September 2003 under the name of Sinopharm Pte Ltd and it changed its name to Pharmesis International Pte Ltd on 16 April 2004. It adopted its current name on 30 August 2004. Pharmesis specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, including western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM’’). Under its two subsidiaries, Kinna Pharm and Longlife, it specializes in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in the form of tablets, granules, pills, etc, including TCM formulated products for the treatment of illnesses relating to the liver and gall bladder. Its two main products are ATT tablets and Gansu granules. Additionally, its business also includes the research and development, production, sale and marketing of pharmaceutical products. These pharmaceutical products are sold in China and they include western medicine products under the “?? ” brand, while its TCM formulated products are sold under the “???? ” brand. Leveraging its research and development capabilities and in-house expertise in pharmaceutical products for the treatment of illnesses relating to the liver and gall bladder, Pharmesis has successfully obtained the license to produce ATT tablets in China. Similarly, it is the only Group with the right to produce Gansu granules from Ganhuangcao in China. With sales and marketing network of approximately 900 sales personnel across China, its products can be found in 2,000 hospitals in many cities within China. The Group's two production facilities are located in Chengdu and Gulin, China.

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