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2022 2022-11-07 Ratio: 1:1


ListedDate: 19 December 2018 on CATALIST

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Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin , #02-07 Mapex, Singapore 577177

The Company is a Singapore-based medical technology company focusing on the development of cell enrichment systems which, when combined with other analytical tests, have a wide range of applications for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection and treatment monitoring. The Company aspires to impact the lives of patients through the provision of diagnostic solutions in every cancer centre worldwide. The Company has developed the ClearCell FX1 System, a fully automated IVD medical device which relies on a novel patented technology to separate and enrich cancer cells from blood. This allows users of the system to perform liquid biopsies to test for the presence of cancer cells (specifically circulating tumour cells, or CTCs) in blood samples or perform further analysis on cancer cells, providing a simple and minimally invasive alternative to tissue biopsies, which involve the surgical removal of tissue from a patients body.

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