CHINA ENVIRONMENT LTD. (5OU) SGD 0.037   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Pay Date Particulars
20125.04%SGD 0.002 CNY0.01 2012-06-26 2012-07-16 CNY 0.01 ONE-TIER TAX
20090.00%SGD 0 - 2009-08-06 - SHARE CONSO OFFER OF 70 FOR 100
200713.51%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2007-02-26 2007-03-15 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
200624.32%SGD 0.009 SGD0.004 2006-10-30 2006-11-10 SGD 0.004 ONE-TIER TAX
SGD0.005 2006-02-17 2006-03-03 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX
200413.51%SGD 0.005 SGD0.005 2004-11-02 2004-11-18 SGD 0.005 ONE-TIER TAX


ListedDate: 10 June 2004 on SGX Sesdaq 27 August 2009 on SGX Mainboard

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Address: 65 Chulia Street , #46-00 OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513

The Company was incorporated in Singapore on 3 March 2003 as Jules Star Pte Ltd. On 30 December 2003, its name was changed to Gates Electronics Pte Ltd and subsequently to Gates Electronics Limited on 14 April 2004. The Company changed its name to China Environment Ltd on 27 August 2009 following the completion of acquisition of China Dongyuan Environment Pte Ltd and its China subsidiary. China Environment Ltd. is a provider of waste gas treatment systems in the People's Republic of China, with headquarters in Longyan City, Fujian Province. The Group designs and constructs waste gas treatment systems and its key products consist of Electrostatic Precipitators or ESPs including Electrostatic Lentoid Precipitators or ESLPs, baghouses and hybrid dust collectors. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujian Dongyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd, is currently certified and included in the manufacturers recommended list to provide auxiliary equipment for 200MW, 300MW and 600MW thermal power projects.

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