SUNPOWER GROUP LTD. (5GD) SGD 0.24   -2.08% -0.01

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 0.00%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Pay Date Particulars
2021101.75%SGD 0.244 SGD0.1006 2021-07-12 2021-07-21 Rate: SGD 0.1006 Per Security
SGD0.003 2021-06-22 2021-06-30 Rate: SGD 0.003 Per Security
SGD0.1406 2021-06-09 2021-06-18 Rate: SGD 0.1406 Per Security
20201.04%SGD 0.003 SGD0.0025 2020-07-17 2020-07-29 Rate: SGD 0.0025 Per Security
20190.79%SGD 0.002 SGD0.0019 2019-05-23 2019-06-03 Rate: SGD 0.0019 Per Security
20180.50%SGD 0.001 SGD0.0012 2018-06-19 2018-06-29 SGD 0.0012
20170.50%SGD 0.001 SGD0.0012 2017-06-20 2017-06-30 SGD 0.0012
20160.50%SGD 0.001 SGD0.0012 2016-06-02 2016-06-15 SGD 0.0012
20150.42%SGD 0.001 SGD0.001 2015-05-26 2015-06-09 SGD 0.001
20140.42%SGD 0.001 SGD0.001 2014-05-22 2014-06-04 SGD 0.001
20130.63%SGD 0.002 SGD0.0015 2013-05-02 2013-05-31 SGD 0.0015
20121.25%SGD 0.003 SGD0.003 2012-05-25 2012-06-20 SGD 0.003
20111.25%SGD 0.003 SGD0.003 2011-05-04 2011-05-27 SGD 0.003 TAX EXEMPT

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Sunpower Group Ltd., an investment holding company, is engaged in the research and development, design, manufacture, and sale of customized energy saving and environmental protection products and solutions. It offers heat exchangers and pressure vessels for completing the reaction, heat transfer, separation, and storage during the process of industrial production; and heat pipes and heat-pipe exchangers used to recover residual heat in the petrochemical, steel, and chemical projects, as well as to protect the permafrost foundation in the construction of roads, railways, and oil pipelines. The company provides pipe supports and thermal insulation materials/engineering to provide heat isolation from the environmental temperature change and minimise losses during transmission; and thermal insulation engineering is to provide engineering, fabrication, procurement, installation, and renovation for energy conservation projects of cold and cryogenic applications. In addition, it offers energy-saving and environmental protection systems comprising flare-gas recovering systems that are used to recover useful petrochemical by-products contained in flare gas or waste gas generated in a petrochemical refinery during the production process; sulfur recovery systems for oil refining, natural gas, and coal chemical industries; and Zero Liquid Discharge systems for salty wastewater treatment and flare system. Further, the company designs, manufactures, and sells pipe racks and hangers; and provides technical and consultation services. It serves petrochemical, chemical, polysilicon, coal chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, liquefied natural gas, sulfur recovery, metallurgical, and transportation industries primarily in the United States, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, South America, North America, and the Middle East. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Nanjing, China.

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