SECURA GROUP LIMITED (43B) SGD 0.063   +0.00% +0.00

Dividend Yield(TTM) = 3.97%

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Year Yield Total Amount Ex Date Pay Date Particulars
20233.97%SGD 0.003 SGD0.0025 2023-05-05 2023-05-15 Rate: SGD 0.0025 Per Security
20226.35%SGD 0.004 SGD0.004 2022-05-04 2022-05-13 Rate: SGD 0.004 Per Security
20216.35%SGD 0.004 SGD0.004 2021-05-04 2021-05-14 Rate: SGD 0.004 Per Security
20194.76%SGD 0.003 SGD0.003 2019-05-06 2019-05-16 Rate: SGD 0.003 Per Security
20174.76%SGD 0.003 SGD0.003 2017-05-03 2017-05-16 SGD 0.003 ONE-TIER TAX
20164.76%SGD 0.003 SGD0.003 2016-05-06 2016-05-25 SGD 0.003 ONE-TIER TAX


ListedDate: 28 January 2016 on Catalist

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Address: 38 Alexandra Terrace , Singapore 119932,

The Group is a Singapore-based provider of security products, services and solutions. The Group is formed through a merger of the Soverus group of companies and Secura group of companies. Prior to the merger, the Soverus group of companies has been providing security consultancy and other services since 2008 and the Secura group of companies has been providing security printing services since 1976. The Group’s integrated suite of security offerings includes: (i) the provision of cyber security consultancy, products and professional services and the resale of cyber security products; (ii) the distribution of homeland security products in Singapore, Cambodia and Laos; (iii) the provision of security systems integration services; (iv) the printing of cheques, passbooks, parking coupons, stationery and others; (v) the provision of unarmed, manned security guarding services; (vi) the provision of security consulting, risk assessment, tender management and project management solutions; (vii) the provision of executive protection and events security services; and (viii) the provision of private investigation and professional surveillance services.

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