THE TRENDLINES GROUP LTD. (42T) SGD 0.059   -1.69% 0.00

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Year Ex Date Particulars
2024 2024-05-10 Ratio: 1:14
2019 2019-11-26 Ratio: 1:9


ListedDate: 26 November 2015 on Catalist

The share price is in SGD. The dividends are paid in SGD

Address: 17 T'chelet Street , Misgav Industrial Park, 2017400 Israel

The Company and its Subsidiaries (the “Group”) is focused on developing technology-based companies in the medical and agricultural fields with a view toward a successful exit in the marketplace, which may include sales such as merger and acquisition transactions, listing on public stock exchanges and other dispositions of its holdings. It creates and develops companies in accordance with its mission to improve the human condition. To this end, the Group discovers, invests in, incubates and provides services to life sciences companies in the fields of medical and agricultural technologies. As at the Latest Practicable Date, all of its portfolio companies are based in Israel. From the time of investment, the Group is involved in many aspects of its portfolio companies from technology development to business building. The Group provides a range of services to its portfolio companies during their first years following its initial investment such as (i) technology support which includes R&D; (ii) business, market and commercialisation strategy and support; (iii) funding strategy; (iv) financial support and business development; and (v) marketing communications support.

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