Smart Reads of the Week: Opportunities Galore

2021-01-15     thesmartinvestor
Smart Reads of the Week: Opportunities Galore

We are entering 2021 with optimism as businesses learn to adapt to the pandemic and a recovery takes root.

It’s also a timely reminder to investors that our local stock market has been suppressed for too long due to negative sentiment.

If we care to look deeper, there are opportunities galore in quality, beaten-down stocks.

Many companies are adapting to the tough conditions and thinking of innovative ways to get through the downturn.

Some have demonstrated their resilience in the face of adversity and gone on to post unexpectedly good results.

Investors should sit up and start to take notice of such bargains.

By purchasing quality companies cheaply, you increase your margin of safety and get to enjoy a better overall return over the long-term.

Here’s a list of our best articles this week.

1. 3 Stocks to Buy for S$30,000

If I had S$30,000 to invest with, these are the three stocks I will buy right now.

2. OCBC Has Appointed a New CEO: What are the Implications for Investors?

OCBC Ltd (SGX: O39) has just announced the appointment of a new CEO. Here’s what investors can expect from the bank.

3. 3 Reasons Why REITs Will Continue to Do Well This Year

We believe that REITs, as a whole, will continue to perform well after the momentum seen late last year. Read on to find out the three reasons that justify our optimism.

4. 4 Stocks to Consider for Your ESG Portfolio

ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors are becoming increasingly important for investors as they look for sustainability and social goals. Here are four stocks that demonstrate strong ESG traits.

5. 3 Retail Trends that Could Define 2021 and Beyond

Retail has been evolving at a rapid pace due to the internet and smartphones. Here are three retail trends that are here to stay for 2021 and beyond.

6. Get Smart: Are You Ready for a Year of Recovery?

We explain in detail why you should let go of your fear and go boldly forward to invest your money. 2021 promises to be a year of recovery that will lead to a plethora of opportunities.

7. 3 Secrets to Enjoying Great Returns for Your Investment Portfolio

Investing need not be complex. Here are three tips to help you to enjoy great returns on your investment portfolio.

8. Should You Double Down on Winning Stocks?

It’s a happy problem you may be faced with: should you put more money down on a winning stock? We provide some guidance on how you should come to a decision.

9. 3 Ways to Ensure Your Portfolio Remains Resilient to Market Crashes

Market crashes are part and parcel of investing. Here are three methods you can use to protect your portfolio when a crash occurs.

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